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Overwhelming aroma of Amarone Riserva wine with majestic grace


Eyes:  This rich Amarone Riserva delicacy pastes a warm dark red color to your wine glass.

Nose:  While breathing the wine first bewitches your senses with the strong aromas of ripe fruits like cherry, plum, and blackberry; then your whole being is revived with the amorous fragrance of mocha, chocolate and woods.

Mouth:  The warmth of this majestic intricacy alights on your palate with refined acidity, well-balanced tannins, kisses of sweet fruits, freshness of herbs and passionate touch of chocolate and 


The superior quality Amarone Riserva is the product of Musella winery.  After carefully selecting and handpicking a variety of grapes like Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta, these are dried in a well-aired room in perforated boxes for four months.

After the grapes lose 35% of its weight with concentrating sugar, aroma, and tannin compounds these are pressed and left for maceration with the skin attached to ensure maximum extraction.  The fermentation starts in January at a cooler temperature of 13 to 17 degree Celsius.

After prolonged maceration the fermented liquor stays in French oak barrels of varying capacities (700 to 3500 liters) for two years. 

The majestic wine is then stored in glass containers to be kept for at least one year before being marketed.


This wine is produced in the Veneto region.  The fully ripe grapes are harvested at mid-September and are grown on the red calcareous soil of vineyards The Perlar and Palazzina or on the clay and tufo soil of Mount Dragon.  The hill that stands in the middle of Montorio and Valle d’illasi nestles these vineyards on the north-east side of Verona.  The total yield is about one kg with 5000 to 7000 gram stocks per hectare.


Served ideally at about 16 to 18 degree Celsius the noble tannins of this wine are well companioned by braised red meets, spicy risottos, matured cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano.


Alcohol Percentage:  16.20% alcohol/vol

Total Acidity:  6.4 g/lit

pH:  3.45

Sugar:  7.2 g/L

Extract:  35.6 g/L


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amarone della valpolicella riserva doc

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