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Elegant blend of cocoa, vanilla and cherry in the luxurious Amarone Valpolicella wine


Eyes:  This elegant full-bodied Amarone Valpolicella creates a ruby red color against the surface of your wine glass.

Nose:  This luxurious liquor disperses an acute note of spices on your nose mixed with sweet aromas of ripe cherries and berries with an underlying earthy touch of mineral.

Mouth:  This beautifully balanced wine oozes a powerful and long-lasting taste of mild tannins mixed with the smooth and fruity flavor of red fruits that gives a velvety and warm touch to your palate.


The sublime Amarone Valpolicella is from the wineries of Musella.  It is made with a blend of handpicked Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta grapes.  The grapes are dried on wooden racks in a well vented place for three to four months that intensifies its flavor and aromatic compound.

Losing 35% of the weight the sugary dried fruits are then crushed and fermented at 13 to 17 degree Celsius.  The skin is kept in contact during maceration to allow maximum extraction.

The fermented liquor is then transferred into varying sizes of oak barrels (700, 1500, 3500 liters) of varying age and composition where it stays for 12 months.

This finely balanced luxurious wine is then bottled to be presented in the market after at least eight months.


This melodious-natured Amarone Valpolicella is from the region of Veneto.  The grapes are grown on the calcareous red clay of the hill that is standing between Montorio and Valle d’illasi the north-east zone of Verona.  Harvesting time is spread from September to October with the total yield of about one kg of production per harvest.


This wine is served ideally at 18 degree Celsius and is well matched with – pasta with a strong tomato or truffle sauce, different types of stews such as beefsteak or old cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano.


Alcohol Percentage:  15.38% alcohol/vol

Total Acidity:  6.05 g/lit

pH:  3.47

Sugar:  7.4 g/L

musella amarone valpolicella

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