Le Vigne di Alice

Alice Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene amazing sparkling refreshment

The cellar Vigne di Alice has been sculpted by the passionate dreams of two women, Cinzia Canzian and Pier Francesca Bonicelli, who with their expertise and experience have reached the peak of excellence in the production of amazing and rejuvenating bubbly wines. Nestling in the mountainous terrains of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the cellar enjoys the panoramic view of viridescent vineyards of Veneto region. With Cinzia’s vast experience in the production of effervescing white wines and Francesca’s academic and practical experience as a local oenologist, variants of Alice have already acquired a stellar position in the world of sparkling wines. Their revolutionary ideas can be evident through the uniqueness of the wines created in this cellar, where a Brut can be sweet in aromas, but dry on palate.

​The vineyards of Refrontolo, Costa, and Sarmede hills enjoy altitudes of 200 to 240 meters and are covered by the layers of chalky, rocky, and lean types of soil that is rich in minerals and of glacial moraine origin. The vineyards of Carpesica hillsides have chalky-clayey soils of varying depths at an altitude of 180 meters. The cold winters and breezy warm summers have gifted this area with abundant productions of Prosecco or Glera, Marzemino, Boschera, Verdiso, and Pinot Noir. With such scrumptious varieties at aid, this cellar has been able to create a spectacular collection of bubbling wines that will fill your senses with the sparkles of gaiety at the very first touch. With the breathtakingly beautiful landscape this cellar also offers you a charming place to take a respite from all the pandemonium of daily life. The aesthetic outdoor designs, the classically decorated interior and the magnificence of the landscape that can be witnessed through the veranda or the courtyard will definitely fill you up with a blissful serenity. The mouthful taste of sumptuous wines from this winery will definitely be your perfect companion on such trips.

le vigne di alice prosecco conegliano valdobbiadene

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  • Alice .g Prosecco Superiore Brut  Le vigne di Alice
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  A bottle of Alice .G Prosecco Superiore sparkles with greenish reflections in its pale yellow color with long lasting effervescence Nose:  This bubbly refreshment of Glera will amaze you with its reviving fruity fragrances of peach skin, unripe green walnuts, almon..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€
  • Angelo pas dosé Le vigne di Alice
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The astonishing brightness of Angelo Pas Dosé irradiates in crystalline golden-yellow color with nice greenish flints and sprightly effervescence. Nose:  The inviting aromas of this delectable wine create an attractive bouquet with red berries, saffron, Winter Cher..
    Ex Tax: 24.00€
  • P.S. integrale brut Le vigne di Alice
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  A bottle of Alice Integrale Brut dazzles with elegant perlage that rises in its vivid golden-yellow color with greenish tinges. Nose:  The magnetizing aroma of this wine spreads with the amity of lavender and the charm of white blackberry, kumquat, and hazelnut. ..
    Ex Tax: 24.00€
  • Prosecco Superiore DOCG extra dry millesimato Le vigne di Alice
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The shine of Alice Prosecco Superiore will fascinate you with a pale yellow color and sparkling bubbles. Nose:  This dry and bubbly wine from Conegliano-Valdobbiadene unfurls a captivating bouquet of gentle aromas composed of honeysuckle, acacia, pear, and apple. ..
    Ex Tax: 18.00€
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