Sparkling wine heaven: Arunda, Europe highest cellar

Located in Mölten, a small village set on a peaceful plateau at 1200 meters above the sea level, Arunda is the highest wine cellar in Europe: fifteen kilometers north of the renowned wine region of Terlano and twenty kilometers from the cities of Bolzano and Merano, where you can breath the quite atmosphere of a small mountain village.

This small company was founded in the far 1979; a small production (under seventy thousand bottles) take place passing through the finest techniques of Classic Method. Technical innovations and love for detail along with furnishing and atmosphere are the main feature of this amazing cellar: wine racks on which the bottles rest upside down at 45° angles waiting for "sboccatura"*; a small production of bottles between which various years cuvées are waiting for their balancing and full maturity; as well as some barriques to allow to a certain portion of the wine, designed for special reserves, to develop more structure and body.

Great artisan skills and dedication to their products that you can only find in a family-run cellar.

​*sboccatura = disgorging: procedure for sparkling wines obtained by fermentation in bottle through which winemakers separate the lees before placing wine in his final bottle. In the so called Traditional Method the effervescence is given using lees for a second fermentation in bottle

arunda sparkling wine highest cellar



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  • Blanc de Blancs DOC Arunda
    Arunda Blanc de Blancs is a 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine with a straw-yellow to greenish color and a fine and long-lasting perlage. With 24-36 months of barrique refining, this wine adquire a lovely fullness and structure; it has an up to 5 years (after disgorging) aging potential. Ideal servi..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€
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  • Brut Rosè Arunda
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The long lasting perlage of Arunda Brut Rosé will make you feel passionate with its deep salmon color. Nose:  The rich enticing aromas of this refreshment will bring to you the freshness of pears and peaches and the exuberance of lemon rinds and orange peels. Mo..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€
  • Cuvéè Marianna DOC Arunda
    Arunda Cuvèe Marianna is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (80-20%) that can age up to 7 years after disgorging: a sparkling wine with a lively perlage that meet a complex bouquet for a sensation of fullness and substance in mouth. A fresh and juicy approach paved the way for a long-lasting and ..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€
  • Phineas Arunda
    This high sophisticated wine remain on it’s own yeast from the first fermentation until the delivery.Arunda Phineas is a sparkling blend of three different grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Assyrtico (a grape variety originary of Santorini Island in Greece) for a unique bouquet and flavor. For one..
    Ex Tax: 47.00€
  • Riserva DOC Arunda
    Arunda Riserva is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (60-40%) that can age up to 7 years after disgorging: a sparkling wine with a dense structure and a great balance that can persuade every mouth; an extraordinary product from the European highest cellar that you can't miss. Ideal service temp..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€
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