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Nebbiolo & Chardonnay: makers of Barbaresco & Langhe wines of Piedmont

A new star appeared on the sphere of winemaking when Francesco, who is the father of current owner Bruno Rocca, and his wife Maria Adelaide moved from the center of Barbaresco to the Rabajà area of Piedmont and bought a section of vineyard.  A new seed was sown that day as it marked the end of sharecropping for this family and the beginning of a new company. From the very early age, Bruno Rocca has recognized the grapes as the true expression of the land.  He believes that when the territory is properly preserved and protected it gifts you with the richest of harvest and in order to maintain the quality of the production he has never interfered with the work of Mother Nature by introducing any chemical substances to the land or the vines. Currently, the Rocca family owns six different vineyards that have gifted the wines, produced in the cellar, uniqueness and variations in terms of quality and characteristics. The gradual growth of the company has resulted in the expansion of the Bruno Rocca cellar since the early 90s.  With three different rooms, the cellar let the wines made from different grapes grow into full maturity with ease and perfection.

The wines made from Nebbiolo grapes undergo maturation into the oak barrels in order to add buttery and toasty notes.  The wines of Chardonnay grapes also undergo barrel-aging after spending a few days into stainless steel tanks and absorb distinctive aroma and flavor of cocoa.  The structure of the Barbaresco wines along with its color and aromatic components are also fully developed in this cellar in a temperature controlled environment of 17 degree Celsius. Bruno Rocca steered his company into a new direction in 1978 by producing a large number of wines and by introducing it into the Italian and global market.  The unmatched quality and the purity of Langhe and Barbaresco wines won over the Italian and the global market in a single sweep and have let Bruno Rocca become the maker of majestic-quality Italian wines.

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  • Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Barbaresco DOCG will create a garnet red deluge in your wine glass. Nose:  This elegant wine will regale your senses with fruity aromas of blackberry, plum and black cherry that lie in perfect harmony with soft floral fragrances of withered petals of rose and v..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€
  • Cadet Langhe Chardonnay DOC Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The piquantly sweet wine Langhe Chardonnay Cadet delights you with a straw yellow color. Nose:  The purity of this wine presents an interesting medley of aromas that include mellowing fragrances of acacia honey, golden apple and pineapple, sharpness of fruity melon..
    Ex Tax: 19.00€
  • Coparossa Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The vivacious Barbaresco Coparossa will swirl in your wine flute in deep ruby-red color. Nose:  The elegance of this Bruno Rocca wine displays the purity of Nebbiolo grapes. The enchanting bouquet of aromas unfold with fruity rejuvenation of red and black cherries,..
    Ex Tax: 45.00€
  • Fralu Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The graceful Langhe Rosso DOC will besmear your wine glass in the passionate color of purplish deep red. Nose:  This intensely aromatic wine mesmerizes your senses with ripe fruity fragrances of blackberry, tamarind, black currant and blueberry that create a sympho..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€
  • Maria Adelaide Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The richness of Nebbiolo grape can be witnessed through the deep garnet-red color of Barbaresco DOCG. Nose:  This elegant Bruno Rocca wine engulfs your senses with grand selections of inviting aromas made of black fruits such as blackberries, cherries, plums, and b..
    Ex Tax: 65.00€
  • Rabajà Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The magnificence of the grapes from Rabajà cru can be seen in the intense radiance of this wine with deep garnet-red color. Nose:  The inviting floral scents of rosehip and violet with the revitalizing aromas of raspberry and cherry create an enticing bouquet of fr..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€
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