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A potpourri of fruity freshness with spicy zest is Amarone Valpolicella Senza Titolo


Eyes:  With the sweet note of cherry Senza Titolo paints your glass in the dark hue of ruby.

Nose:  This dry scarlet Amarone Valpolicella revitalizes your senses with the freshness of forest floor and mint leaves, delightful aroma of plum and berries and a gentle touch of vanilla borrowed from the naturally produced oak casks.

Mouth:  This blended wine presents your taste buds with superbly integrated and complex array of spices that mingles effortlessly with the sour-cherry flavors.  Its velvety texture combined with strong tannins leaves a long-lasting spicy finish in your mouth.


The powerful Amarone Valpolicella is the product of Musella winery.  Made with an array of grapes like Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, Croatina and Altre it is produced under as much natural influences as possible.

After picking the grapes manually these undergo careful scrutiny at the time of pressing to make sure only healthy products are chosen.  Gentle pressing is done 100 days after the harvest with feet leaving dry stems and seeds in contact to make it more tannic and aromatic.

Fermentation with indigenous yeast happens in a conical oak fermenting vat in natural temperature to let the wine ferment slowly and naturally.  Daily ‘follature’ is done until the slow down of fermentation within a few months.

Fermented liquor is then stored into non-toasted oak barrels of 700 liters, bent only with steam, for three years, after which Senza Titolo is bottled for sale.


The Amarone Senza Titolo wine is made in the Veneto region of Italy.  The grapes are grown in the north-east side of Verona on the calcareous red clay soil of vineyards Perlar and Palazzina and clay and tufo based soil of Mount Dragon.  The harvesting period lasts from the end of August to the end of October with about half-a-kilogram of production per yield.


With the ideal serving temperature of 16 degree Celsius this regal wine is beautifully paired with smoked salmon or fish, shellfish, meat and mild cheese.


Alcohol Percentage:  16.6% alcohol/vol

Total Acidity:  6.6 g/lit

pH:  3.56

Sugar:  11.1 g/L


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