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Enchanting ruby red delicacy of Ferrero is Brunello di Montalcino DOCG


Eyes:  The Brunello di Montalcino shines in your glass in a ruby red hue.

Nose:  This superior quality DOCG wine disperses strong and inviting perfume of Sangiovese fruit combined with toasty aromas of spicy oak with softness of vanilla and black cherry.

Mouth:  This full-bodied wine of Ferrero infuses your palate with substantial quantity of mature tannins even when young; intertwined with the dark berry and milk chocolate flavors the long lasting warmth closes in on a sugary note in your mouth.


Pressed from the Sangiovese grapes the scarlet gem Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is a gift of the Ferrero cellar. The manually collected dark skinned grapes, locally known as Brunello, undergo diligent selection. The best of the lot witness fermentation at controlled temperature of under 28 degree Celsius in short and wide stainless steel tanks of 80 hl.

The attachment of skins with must during fermentation period of 15 days ensures maximized extraction of color and aroma particles. The fermented ruby red wine is aged for two years in Allier oak casks of 30 and 21 hl. After being bottled it is further refined and aged in a temperature controlled room for another two years before it reaches its elegance to fill your senses with.


This silky textured ruby red DOCG wine from the cellar of Ferrero is the product of the Tuscany region. The Brunello grapes are grown in the hilly lands of Montalcino in Sant’Angelo of Colle. The soil of the vineyards situated at about 250 meters above the sea level is rich in clay. The Sangiovese grapes are harvested during late September after a spring of perfect shower and hot, dry summer with the total yield of 53 q/ha.


The dense richness of this wine served at 18 degree Celsius in wide glasses is paired seamlessly with beef, veal, pork, game (deer, venison), and rich fishes (salmon, tuna).


Alcohol Percentage: 14.6% alcohol/volume
Total Acidity: 5.7 g/L
Volatile Acidity: 0.56 g/L
Dry Extract: 31.2 g/L
Free SO2: 14 mg/L
Total SO2: 71 mg/L
​pH: 3.46

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