bio-dynamic principals for a superb Primitivo

In the heart of Manduria area, Morella farm produces wine only from its own vineyards grapes, mostly old dry grown Primitivo bush vines on terra rossa.

Cultivated strictly by hand using bio-dynamic principals, those vines' yield rarely exceeds 2.6 hl per hectare. Primitivo Old Vines and Primitivo La Signora come from the oldest vines, preserving its uniqueness and promoting the value of absolutely concentrated grapes coming from a single vineyard. The result is a pure Primitivo of superb quality.


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morella byo-dynamic and primitivo wine


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  • Primitivo La signora IGP Morella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The La Signora imbibes the glass in a very dark scarlet color. Nose:  The inky Morella Primitivo IGP tantalizes your senses with the spicy notes of cloves and ginger and concentrated fruity aromas of marasco cherry and canned plums. Mouth:  The mouth-fillin..
    Ex Tax: 34.00€
  • Primitivo Old vine IGP Morella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The color of Old Vine spreads a dark red hue in your glass. Nose:  The smoky aroma of Morella IGP dazzles you with the intensity of pickled plums, black cherries and liquored prunes with distinctive features of chocolate. Mouth:  The strong taste of Primiti..
    Ex Tax: 34.00€
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