Top ten & best of the lot sumptuous Italian red wines

Top ten & best of the lot sumptuous Italian red wines

Ten best quality magnificent Italian red wine: top of the chart

The exotic beauty of Italy and its artistic masterpieces will spellbound you the moment you set foot on its ground and the magnificence of best quality Italian red wines will inspire as much awe as the panoramic beauty of it in your heart. Being the land of serpentine vineyards, Italy is speckled with top of the chart wineries throughout its territory. The wines crafted by these wineries are all delectable in nature, but based on the palatal enjoyment and the characteristics these can be prioritized separately.

10. Valpolicella

Even though the zesty and dry red wine of this group has ornamented the list with the number 10 spot there is no reason to think lightly of the wines of this group. The fruity freshness of Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC “Costalunga” and Vaona Valpolicella Classico 2013 is sure to lighten your mood up while you are enjoying the gentle luminosity of Italian evenings.

9. Aglianico

The strength of the wines made from Aglianico grapes mixed with sensual tannins with a minty background will knock you off your feet with lively acidity. The top-quality DOCG wines like Taurasi Riserva of Quintodecimo or Grande Cerzito will cheer you up whenever you are in need of some uplifting with its savory richness.

8. Frappato

The wines made from the grapes Frappato or in combination with Nero d’Avola will win over you instantly with its sprightliness. Vivacious wines like Il Frappato DOC Vittoria or Arianna Occhipinti Il Frappato will help you start an agile conversation over a glass of it having been enriched with refreshing aromas of red fruit and rosebuds and silky tannins with persistent closing.

7. Brunello

The Brunello wines will jiggle your senses with lively acidity and elegant perfumes of oak, berries, and vanilla. These powerful full-bodied DOCG wines like Ferrero Brunello di Montalcino or Ferrero Brunello di Montalcino Riserva will make you reminisce of your amorous encounters with sensual chocolaty flavor.

6. Amarone

The suave richness of Amarone starting from refreshing aromas of forest floor and mint leaves to complex array of spicy flavors exclaims magnificence. The tangy sour-cherry flavored red wines like Musella Amarone Valpolicella Riserva DOC or Musella Amarone Valpolicella DOC Senza Titolo are best suited for special occasions of life.

5. Barbera

The firsts to enter the top-five list are the wines made from Barbera grapes. Reforming the previous harshness of it, the modern-day Barbera wines like Matteo Correggia Barbera d’Alba Marun are vivid in flavor with light tannins, bright acidity and intense raspberry and licorice aromas and enough to silken your moments up with velvety touches.

4. Lagrein

The dark-purplish ruby-red wine made from Lagrein possesses charisma with its complex flavors of raspberries and cranberries mixed with spry acidity and enhanced aromas of cinnamon or nutmeg and berries. Wines like Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva Abtei Muri DOC or Steinraffler Lagrein Vigna will fascinate with this unmatchable fusion.

3. Nerello Mascaelese and Nerello Cappuccio

A perfect blend of these two grapes forms wine of sublime quality and brings a taste that is unparalleled with silky tannins and lasting finish. Wines like Quota 600 Arcuria Etna Rosso or Quota 1000 Barbabecchi Sicilia IGT with aromas of dark cherry nuanced with earthiness will definitely revitalize your mood up.

2. Chianti

Fitted with bright acidity with slight astringency and sweetness of fruity flavors, the red liquors from this region have achieved the second best position because of its versatility. A glass of delectable Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Radda or Chianti DOCG Gran Selezione can be paired with almost any sumptuous dish and can be a perfect partner in dinner or lunch time.

1. Barolo and Barbaresco

Finally, the numero uno spot on the list of best Italian red wine goes to majestic Barolo and Barbaresco wines made from nebbiolo. These wines grow finer with time in the cellar when its tannic nature loses austerity and its acidity becomes more fluid. Like a pearl slowly forming in its shell, wines like Corino Barolo Arborina or Corino Barolo Giachini, when perfectly aged will flood you with sheer pleasure and make you feel regal.


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