Piedmont DOC & DOCG: superior quality wines

Piedmont DOC & DOCG: superior quality wines

DOC & DOCG of Piedmont: flavorsome aromatic wines of peerless quality

The entire region of Piedmont enjoys a unique climatic condition that vacillates between the chill of pristine Alps and the warmth of Mediterranean. Such diversity in weather has granted this region with varying daytime and nighttime temperatures. So, the entire region gets wrapped up in a misty cover at night and stays enshrouded in it till the wee hours of morning. The cloak of mist starts to disappear at the sunny approach of mid morning. Hence, the places located at the higher parts of this region get the opportunity to bask in bright sunlight for the entire time of the day.
The radiance of ample sunlight and the dewy climate have gifted this region with different variants of succulent and peerless-quality grapes and such grandness has turned Piedmont into the region that houses the maximum number of DOC and DOCG wines in the entire Italy.
Magnificence of Red Beauties
The crown of excellence that has been set on the wines of this region is mainly because of the sublimity of the scarlet spirituous refreshments available here.


The milky veil of fog that gets formed over these grapes, as they mature, has attributed this name to it. The tannic quality of the Nebbiolo wines is suitable for longer preservation as these refreshments turn mellower over time and taste more delectable as the years pass. The inviting aromas of rose, tar, and violets with subtle notes of spices, cherry, and fig have awarded the wines of this grape variant with the maximum number of DOC and DOCG crowns and the Barolo and Barbaresco areas have been known to produce the most exquisite-quality wines from Nebbiolo.
Barolo is located in the southwest of the city of Alba and is home to the wines of pale brick-red color with strong flavors and firm tannins. Among the five main communes of this area, the La Morra and Barolo are covered in limestone based soils and produce wines that are lighter in style. The communes Serralunga d’Alba, Monforte d’Alba, and Castiglione Falletto usually produce wines of bolder style with sandstone soils. Wine labels like Barolo Arborina or Barolo Giachini attest to the enigmatic and enchanting qualities of Nebbiolo wines of this area.
Barbaresco area in northeast of the city of Alba is covered in limestone based soils and enjoys a climatic condition that has less diurnal shifts. Hence, the grapes from this area have thinner skins. Since, these fruits tend to ripen sooner than their Barolo variant, they produce wines of softer tannin and soothing aromas. Wine-labels like Rabajà or Maria Adelaide can attest to the grandness of the wines of this area.


This is the second most preferred grape variety of this region and it creates DOCG and DOC wines of darker shades when compared to the colors of Nebbiolo wines. The enticing flavors of black cherry, anise, and dried herbs, experienced through every sip of Barbera wines, have turned labels like Barbera d’Alba Marun or Barbera d’Asti into the most savoring refreshments of wine-world.


Another favorite grape variant of this region is considered to be Dolcetto. This variety creates wines of intense shades filled with the flavors of blackberry, licorice, and tar. The brewed liquors made from these grapes have a mouth-drying tannic quality with low acidic levels. So, the wines like Dolcetto di Ovada Superiore and Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba are best consumed young rather than being aged in the cellars.


This renowned Piedmontese grape variety makes floral wines of lighter shades that will make you reminisce about the sweetness of strawberries with its pleasing palatable features. The sparkling Brachetto d’Acqui will definitely add sprightliness to your refreshing hours.
Apart from these four most prominent grape varieties of Piedmont, there are also many esteemed varietals in this region that make sumptuous wines of distinctive flavors and fragrances.
Whereas the Freisa makes light-colored wines of spicy-fruity flavors, the Quagliano makes sweet and bubbly wines with aromas of strawberry. The DOCG wines of Ruché variety offer unique blend of roses, pepper, black cherries and cinnamon with intense tannic presence and the Malvasia di Schierano offers profusely aromatic sparkling wine of velvety tannins.

Radiance of Whites

The magnificence of Piedmontese wines is not just limited to the enticing features of red beauties, but the brilliance of golden or straw-colored refreshments are equally refreshing and enjoyable.

Moscato Bianco

The sublime-quality DOCG and DOC wines made from this ancient variety of light-skinned grapes touch your senses with warm fragrances of mandarin orange and roses mixed with the mellowing scents of lychee and cotton candy. The regality of Moscato d’Asti vouches for the grandness of this grape variety.


Indigenous to the town Gavi, located in the southeast part of Piedmont, this grape variety gives birth to the dry wines that have tangy citrusy flavors and bright acidity. While enjoying the reviving qualities of Cortese di Gavi you can truly appreciate the sublimity of the wines made from this variety.


The flavorsome white wines made from this grape variety delight you with its distinctively delicate fruity and ethereal aromas. Wines like Roero DOCG can best express the grandness of this variety.

So, it can undoubtedly be asserted that the winemakers of Piedmont stress more on the quality of their products than on the quantity and as a result, it houses the maximum number of DOCG and DOC wines in the entire Italy.


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