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Campania wine-making tradition renewed to produce amazing white

Campania long term winemaking tradition dates back to the early Roman Period; mostly known for its white, it has been considered for a long time a second raw region in relation to the quality of its wine. During the last decades excellent wines have emerged in many areas and also nowadays Campania wine is constantly gaining approval among the most skeptical tastes. TheTaurasi zone has been very active, reaching a notable level in both red and white production and becoming synonymous of quality wine from Campania. In this region winemakers keep on working on native grape variety that give to its white wines a distinctive note: Fiano, Greco and Falanghina are only some of the amazing and unique taste that this land can proudly put on the quality wine market.

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  • Exultet Fiano di Avellino DOCG Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The wine squeezed from Fiano di Avellino illuminates your glass in a bright yellow color with green reflections. Nose:  The elegance of Exultet DOCG fills your senses with sweet fragrances of linden, acacia, and thyme and engages you with sensational notes of ..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€ 29.00€
  • Giallo d'Arles Greco di Tufo DOCG Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The fragrant wine obtained from Greco di Tufo shines in a golden-yellow color that is thought to be a prelude to the red. Nose:  The soft Giallo D’Arles DOCG disperses elegance of jasmine combined with refreshing aromas of white peach, melon, and dried fruit. ..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€ 29.00€
  • Grande Cerzito Taurasi Riserva DOCG Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The powerful Taurasi Riserva DOCG possesses an enigmatic ruby color. Nose:  The captivating aromas of this Quintodecimo wine involve freshening notes of mint, frankincense and eucalyptus infused with fruity perfumes and mixed with enigmatic chocolaty notes. ..
    Ex Tax: 92.00€ 92.00€
  • Quintodecimo Taurasi Riserva DOCG Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Taurasi Riserva swirls in your glass in an intense ruby red color with a lot of shiny extractions. Nose:  This DOCG wine of Quintodecimo graces you with sweet fruity aromas of cherries and strawberries with a minty and licorice background mixed with the vi..
    Ex Tax: 90.00€ 90.00€
  • Terra d'Eclano Irpinia Aglianico DOC Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Aglianico Irpinia moves gracefully in your glass in a ruby red color. Nose:  This fascinating DOC wine takes reign over your senses with the complex fruity aromas of berries, plums, and licorice mixed with softness of wet earth and zesty feeling of black p..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€ 31.00€
  • Via del Campo Falanghina DOC Quintodecimo
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The dainty Via Del Campo brightens the mood up with an aluminous golden color. Nose:  The well-structured Falanghina Irpinia DOC mesmerizes with the fruity fragrances of apple and pineapple, pleasant notes of field flowers, and releases minty toasted notes of ..
    Ex Tax: 28.00€ 28.00€
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