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Elegant Pinot Nero of Trentino has a signature of spicy vivacity


Eyes:  The Pinot Nero DOC illuminates your glass in bright and lively ruby-red color.

Nose:  This elegant wine from Trentino graces you with the soft notes of raspberry and redcurrant. It transfixes you with the spicy aroma and veiled notes of floral, mineral, and smoky fragrances.

Mouth:  The suavity of this wine will land on your palate with an overtly noticeable sweet taste of raspberry and redcurrant. It has a distinctive and pleasing aftertaste of pepper, cloves and thyme with smooth tannins.


This elegant red wine is made in its entirety from Pinot Nero grapes and the richness of it has been crafted in the cellars of Maso Cantanghel from the vineyards of Trentino. The properly ripened grapes are manually collected in the boxes having undergone rigorous selections. The grapes undergo first fermentation in French oak vats at 28 to 35 degree Celsius of temperatures for 20 to 25 days and witness daily stomping during this time. After this time the fermented liquor is drawn and transferred into the barriques where it remains for one year and gains further refinement and maturity. After one year of refinement the sublime-quality wine is released into the market.


The Pinot Nero grapes are harvested at the end of September after these have acquired complete ripening. The elegant fruits are grown on the clayey-calcareous soil of Vigna Cantanghel that is located on the foothills of Lagorai chain in the region of Trentino. The vineyard yields a yearly production of 4500 kg per hectare.


The subtle strength of this wine is paired best with white and red meats, roast, game, fillet, and lamb and can ideally be served at the temperature of 16 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage:  13.5% alcohol/volume

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