Cinqueterre DOC of Liguria: white wine of soft & fresh fragrances

The vertiginous walls of Mountain Serra, located in Cinque Terre terroir, have generated fear and reluctance in the hearts of many winemakers and have perished their dreams of plowing the rugged fields in order to make it fit for winemaking. But, the gallantry of veteran winemaker Elio Altare could not be thwarted by the precipitous features of this region. His relentless effort to bring luster back to the stolen glory of Cinque Terre in Liguria has led to the establishment of Cantina Campogrande cellar in the quaint town of Riomaggiore. The state of the art technology and the well-organized management of this cellar have brought some loftiest white wines like the rich Cinqueterre DOC or the sweet Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà DOC into existence.

​The vineyards are located about 600 feet above the Mediterranean waters and posses terraced fields of sandy topsoil and stony granite base. The salinity of the seawater that has seeped into the schistic-sandy soils adds unique minerality to the exalting collections of this cellar. The yield is produced organically without the use of any chemical fertilizers and the fermentation also happens naturally under the influence of only native yeasts, devoid of any foreign substances. Such organic farming has added salutary qualities to the fresh wines of Campogrande cellar. The arduous endeavors and profound passion of efficient winemakers Elio Altare and his partner Antonio Bonanni have brought rejuvenation to the otherwise languishing steep and difficult-to-manage vineyards of Cinque Terre in Liguria and have added amazement to the classic appeal of the wines from this region.


cinqueterre campogrande

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  • Cinqueterre DOC
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The richness of Cinqueterre DOC is evident through its bright color that transcends from light gold to straw yellow with subtle golden highlights. Nose:  The intensity of the aroma of this white wine will inundate you with the lasting fragrances of soothing Mediter..
    Ex Tax: 34.00€
  • Cinqueterre Rosso Cinqueterre Campogrande
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The exquisite blend of Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Bonamico unveils in a ruby red color in your wine glass. Nose:  The relaxing aroma of the red wine Cinqueterre Rosso refreshes you with the pretty floral aroma of fresh lilac and rose, fruity liveliness of raspberry..
    Ex Tax: 21.00€
  • Telémaco Liguria di Levante Bianco Campogrande
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The svelte Telémaco dances with golden vibrancy mixed with amber highlights in wine glasses. Nose:  The splendid aroma of this white wine will bemuse you with a refreshing bouquet of citrusy fragrances like grapefruit, tangerines, and orange blossoms. This freshnes..
    Ex Tax: 39.00€
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