Rosso & Bianco: sublime DOC wines from high altitude of Etna Sicily

The igneous rocks of Mount Etna has enriched the soils of Passopisciaro and Solicchiata, small towns of Sicily, with minerals and has made it possible for the owners of cellar Graci, set on the northern slopes of the mountain, to generate wines of exalted quality.  The panoramic vineyards of this winery, Contrada Arcuria, Feudo di Mezzo and Contrada Barbabecchi, are situated at 600 and 1000 meters of altitude respectively, in the heart of the valley.

The mineral filled soils of this territory are rich in iron and nitrogen and such quality has helped in production of grape varieties known as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carriccante, and Catarratto devoid of any bio-fertilizers.

The primary variety, Nerello Mascalese, has been cultivated mostly un-grafted for about 100 years, but a part of it is grown in the vicinity of olive trees and apple orchard.  Some saplings of Feudo di Mezzo vineyard are supported by chestnut poles and enwreathed by olive trees.

The nature-loving founders of this winery have nurtured the plants absconding from even weeding, as they have faith in the way nature takes care of its own.  They respect the uniqueness of the region and do nothing to disturb the creative energy of the land.  The exalting wines of this cellar are aged mostly in wooden vats; barrels are brought into scene only when long-aging has been required.  Such finesse has brought forth spectacular wines like Etna Rosso DOC or Etna Bianco DOC that will always add excitement to your refreshment.


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  • Arcuria Etna Bianco DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Etna Bianco DOC radiates in a translucent white color in your glass. Nose:  This medium-bodied dry wine of Sicily touches your nose with fresh notes of citrusy brightness with buoyant intense aromas of honeysuckle, brimstone, sage, and lemon ride and it ha..
    Ex Tax: 28.00€
  • Etna Rosato DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The aromatic Etna Rosato DOC will cascade in your glass in a pale salmon pink color. Nose:  The richness of this rose wine will touch your senses with the elegant and soft aromas of red berries and peach blossom and the zest of lemon peel. Mouth:  This..
    Ex Tax: 18.00€
  • Etna Rosso 600 DOC Arcuria Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Etna Rosso DOC strokes the glass in intense ruby red waves. Nose:  This well-structured amazing Arcuria engulfs your senses with fruity aromas of dark wild cherries and soft perfume of grilled herbs and tar. Mouth:  The carmine richness from Sicily..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€
  • Quota 1000 Barbabecchi IGT Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The full-body Quota 1000 IGT beams with vibrant red color in your wine glass. Nose:  The barrique aging of this rich wine from the high-altitude grounds of Sicily infuses it with the intense aromas of coffee and spices that creates a perfect balance with sweet..
    Ex Tax: 60.00€
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