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Crystalline Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOP is rich white ecstasy of Di Sipio


Eyes:  The dry and subtle Di Sipio 3 showcases a pale yellow straw color against the glass.

Nose:  The Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOP exudes a powerful punch of floral notes mixed with honey and zesty accents of spices.

Mouth:  This intense white wine presents a taste of refreshing herbs intertwined with mineral nuances boosted with subtle almond finish and it creates a whirlwind of clean sensations in mouth.


Derived from Trebbiano D’Abruzzo grapes this still and delicate wine is the pride of Di Sipio winery.  The light skinned grapes are hank-picked and collected in clusters.

After de-stemming the partially unfolded grapes are cooled and cryo-soaked with the must for 24 hours.  The maceration phase continues till the end of fermentation.

Remaining idle inside the finely grained barrels the filtered must ferments for a few months under properly carved-out and controlled conditions and the regal white wine collects its unique flavor and aromas as naturally as possible.

After a few months of shiftlessness the DOP wine is bottled only when it has reached its supremacy.


This noble white wine is made from Trebbiano grapes that are grown in the mountainous region Abruzzo.  The grapes are harvested at the end of October by the Di Sipio winery.


This suave wine is to be poured into glass at 9 degree Celsius, but should be tasted as the temperature increases to appreciate the changes it undergoes (up to 12 degrees) and it is paired beautifully with fatty fish Carpaccio or roasted.  It also pairs finely with white meat, tempura fish, pies, medium-aged cheeses, especially blue cheeses.


Alcohol Percentage:  14% alcohol/volume

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