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Exultet Fiano di Avellino DOCG is a sophistication of Quintodecimo


Eyes:  The wine squeezed from Fiano di Avellino illuminates your glass in a bright yellow color with green reflections.

Nose:  The elegance of Exultet DOCG fills your senses with sweet fragrances of linden, acacia, and thyme and engages you with sensational notes of honey, sage, peach and hazelnut.

Mouth:  This medium-bodied golden liquid from Quintodecimo caresses your senses with warmth and its powerful presence creates symphony with exotic fruity and citrusy flavors mixed with softness of honey and mineral.


The entrancing quality of Exulted DOCG is a perfection crafted by Quintodecimo cellars. After achieving full aromatic maturation the Fiano di Avellino grapes are manually collected and undergo long pressing. Having been meticulously protected from any association with oxygen the free-run must is separated from the pressed-must and receives further clarification through natural settling.

The must undergoes fermentation in two separate ways, 30% in small oak casks and 70% in stainless steel tanks, at the duration of 25 to 30 days. The fermented liquid then receives maturity by aging for eight months on fine lees in fermentation vessels and being periodically suspended. After being bottled the golden wine is held for another six months before being released.


The Fiano di Avellino grapes necessary to produce Exulted DOCG are grown in the region of Campania. The vineyards of Quintodecimo cellars are situated in Lapio at an altitude of 570 meters and enjoy a south-west exposure with a turf of clay-calcareous soil. Through Guyot training system the production per year yields 1 kg per vine when harvested at the end of September through the first ten days of October.


This medium-bodied golden wine is ideally served at 12 to 14 degree Celsius and joins harmoniously with seafood pastas, baked whole fish in salt, roasted poultry and fresh cheeses.


Alcohol Percentage: 14% alcohol/volume


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