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Giallo D’Arles DOCG from Greco di Tufo is an éclat of Quintodecimo


Eyes:  The fragrant wine obtained from Greco di Tufo shines in a golden-yellow color that is thought to be a prelude to the red.

Nose:  The soft Giallo D’Arles DOCG disperses elegance of jasmine combined with refreshing aromas of white peach, melon, and dried fruit.

Mouth:  This powerful liquor from Quintodecimo with the structure of red wine delivers you with the refined taste of deep salty minerality blended with unique and full flavors of apricot and quince marmalade.  It brings a lovely, long finish to mouth.


The amber shaded Giallo D’Arles DOCG is a nicely balanced creation from the winery of Quintodecimo. The Greco di Tufo grapes, after achieving golden hue tinged with amber shades on the sun-kissed sides at maturation, are manually collected in boxes. The collection of ochre-reddish free-run must is done after separating it from the pressed-must that is acquired through long pressing of the grapes.

The free-run must is meticulously protected from oxygen and is clarified by natural settling. The must undergoes fermentation for 25 to 30 days in two types of vessels, 70% in stainless steel tanks and 30% in small oak casks. Aging happens on thin lees in fermentation vessels for about seven months and after assembling the liquor in bottles it undergoes maturation for an extra month. After being held for an additional six months the bottles are finally released to savor.


The Greco di Tufo grapes are grown on clay-calcareous soil of Campania region. The vineyards owned by Quintodecimo are situated in Tufo (district of Santa Lucia) at an altitude of 450 meters facing south-west exposure. Having been grown following Guyot training system the grapes for this DOCG wine are harvested through second 10 days of October with the yield of 1.2 kg per vine.


This perfumed medium-bodied wine pairs brilliantly with grilled fish in sauce and goes well with herb risotto, pasta dishes with shellfish, and grilled white meat, served at a temperate of 10 to 12 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage: 14% alcohol/volume

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