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Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG ruby red refreshment with silky tannins


Eyes:  The flavorsome Chianti Classico Riserva shines with the elegance of ruby red color.

Nose:  This DOCG wine creates an enigmatic ambiance with its captivating bouquet made of mellowness of cherries, violet, rose, and berries, piquancy of spices, earthiness of brush and prunes and dulcet notes of vanilla.

Mouth:  The velvety tannins of this sumptuous wine bring a persistent and refreshing finish and it is filled with the mouthful taste of dried cherries and redcurrant with the mellifluous flavors of licorice and aromatic herbs.


The rapturous qualities of ruby red Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG has been formed in the cellar of Castello della Paneretta of Tuscany region. The pleasant tannins of this wine are derived through the perfect combination of Sangiovese (90%) and Canaiolo (10%) grape varieties that are manually harvested in the middle of September. The maceration process for maximum extraction of color and aromatic particles lasts for five days in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks with regular and frequent pumping over. At the end of this period the liquor is drawn off and it undergoes malolactic fermentation for a few days. The fermented wine then acquires more maturity in the wooden casks of French oak (30 hectoliter) for two years before being bottled at the end of this time.


The ruby red Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG with delightful tannins is created in the winery of Castello della Paneretta that is located on the western slopes of Elsa Valley in the Tuscany region. The ochre colored and lightly eroded soil of Terrine, Torre a Destra, Torre a Sinistra vineyards have the combination of limestone and clay. The quickly eroding, red to purplish soil of Ciliegio, Bossolo, Barbiano vineyards have layers of argillite schistose with limestone and clay. The better preserved soil of Querciole e Poggio vineyard has the strength of iron and aluminum on calcareous layers. The fruits are generally harvested in October, but early ripening due to hot weather may result in early harvesting by the mid week of September.


This charmingly sumptuous red wine is complemented beautifully by the dishes of beef, veal, pork, game (deer, venison), and rich fish (salmon, tuna). The ideal temperatures to serve this wine will be 18 to 20 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage: 14.0 % vol
Volatile Acidity: 0.52 g/l
Total Acidity: 4.56 g/l
Dry Extract: 29.88 g/l

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