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Cinqueterre DOC fragranced dry white wine of autochthonous grapes


Eyes:  The richness of Cinqueterre DOC is evident through its bright color that transcends from light gold to straw yellow with subtle golden highlights.

Nose:  The intensity of the aroma of this white wine will inundate you with the lasting fragrances of soothing Mediterranean herbs, gentle chamomile flowers and exhilarating citrusy notes that is followed by scents of wet minerals and almonds.

Mouth:  This medium-bodied wine made from autochthonous grapes gifts you with a bouquet of rich, full, and velvety flavors that includes ethereal floral notes and pleasing citrusy zest. The charm of this dry wine evolves in your mouth as time passes by.


The brilliance of the white wine Cinqueterre DOC is generated by the Cinqueterre Cantina Campogrande cellar of the Liguria region. The autochthonous grapes that this golden beauty is made of are Bosco and Albarola. After collecting the grapes manually the yield is stored in a temperature controlled steel container where these are pressed without the stems. The pressed material is kept for four days with skins and other remnants in contact at 12 degree Celsius temperature. At the end of this time, the liquid without the skins undergoes malolactic fermentation to let maximum amount of valuable substances from the fruits get assimilated into the liquid. The wine is stabilized only with cold, is not filtered or clarified, and continues to ferment devoid of any skin until it is bottled.


The grapes Bosco and Albarola are autochthonous to the region Liguria. These fruits, required to produce the white wine Cinqueterre DOC, are grown on the sandy topsoil with granite base, in the Campogrande vineyard that is one of the steepest vineyards located on the highest part of hill Serra. The fruits are harvested a little early from end of August to first week of September to preserve dryness.


This medium-bodied, dry, and citrusy wine can be the best companion of the dishes that include fish and seafood, chicken, veal, vegetable pies and cheese and should be served at the low temperatures of 10 to 12 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage:  12% alcohol/volume

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