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Cinqueterre red a magnificent blend of Cannaiolo & Ciliegiolo


Eyes:  The exquisite blend of Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Bonamico unveils in a ruby red color in your wine glass.

Nose:  The relaxing aroma of the red wine Cinqueterre Rosso refreshes you with the pretty floral aroma of fresh lilac and rose, fruity liveliness of raspberry, with a hint of spicy tanginess at the presence of a touch of thyme.

Mouth:  This delicate wine brings raptures to your palate with the refined taste of red berries and smoothness of sour cherries with a touch of herbal freshness. Its well balanced acidity brings liveliness to the flavor.


The mellifluent red wine Cinqueterre Rosso is a splendiferous gift from the cellar of Cinqueterre Cantina Campogrande of Liguria. The exquisiteness of this refreshment is derived from the perfect blend of Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Bonamico grapes. The grapes are handpicked and collected in air-conditioned containers. When the receptacles get loaded completely, the fruits are crushed and must is kept in contact with the skins for four days at 12 degree Celsius temperature. After the must has acquired the desired intensity of redness, the pressed liquor undergoes slow malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks devoid of any skins and without the influence of any enzymes or other external factors. Upon reaching the expected level of magnificence the unfiltered wine is bottled to be put on market.


The dark-skinned grapes Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Bonamico that are required to create this medium-bodied red wine of Cinqueterre are grown in the Campogrande vineyard. Fruits are grown on the soil that has a blend of sand and minerals with the base of granite and stone. The vineyard is located on the steep walls of mountain Serra in the Liguria region. The harvesting is done manually when the grapes have fully ripened during mid September.


The pleasant nature of this wine is great with Italian foods such as red meat, pasta dishes and cheese and can ideally be served at the temperatures of 10 to 12 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage:  12% alcohol/volume

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