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Telemaco grandest & purest of the sweet white wine types of Liguria


Eyes:  The svelte Telémaco dances with golden vibrancy mixed with amber highlights in wine glasses.

Nose:  The splendid aroma of this white wine will bemuse you with a refreshing bouquet of citrusy fragrances like grapefruit, tangerines, and orange blossoms. This freshness creates a unique fusion with smoky notes of apricots and hints of vanilla.

Mouth:  This velvety sweet refreshment will bring tanginess to your mouth with its spicy and smoky types of features and will balance this sensation with the softness of ripe apples, figs, dried apricots, pineapples and remarkable minerality. It has a prolonged persistence because of profound acidity.


The Telémaco is the lofty creation of the cellar Cinqueterre Cantina Campogrande of the region Liguria. This sweet white wine is created from two types of light-skinned grapes, Bosco and Albarola. The grapes are harvested manually over a period of few days and are immediately stored in a temperature-controlled steel container. The de-stemmed fruits are pressed and the liquid that contains skin and other parts remains in the container for four days at the controlled temperature of 12 degree Celsius. The fermented liquor is aged on the lees in oak barriques for one year that adds more complexity to this sensational refreshment. The wine is bottled after aging without any filtration or clarification.


The two types of grapes that are required to make the sweet white wine Telémaco are Bosco and Albarola. These are grown on the soil that has thin top layer of sands with a base of stone and granite, in the vineyard of Campogrande that is situated in the highest part of a steep hill known as Serra in the region of Liguria. The grapes are harvested manually from end of August to mid September.


The sweetness of this wine pairs seamlessly with fish, seafood and chicken and is best served a little chilled at 10 to 12 degree Celsius of temperatures.


Alcohol Percentage:  12% alcohol/volume

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