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Piedmont is an anciant winemaking tradition land; on his catacteristical green hills and his pre-Alps area farmers started producing wine as an element of their diet. Due to different climatic features and to soil variety, Piedmontese wines are extremely varied in taste, but similar in their complex structure. Winemakers choose to produce quality wineon small fields since the nearly 90s, highlighting the characteristics of their red grape varieties (Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Bracchetto, etc).
Piedmont is not only rounded and full bodied reds; in the latest 10 years, white wine tradition has grown in quality and in awareness in the national taste trands: from fruity dessert wines to all round products.

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  • Anthos Brachetto 100% Matteo Correggia
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This medium-bodied Anthos Brachetto fills your glass with the deep red color of passion. Nose:  This light-bodied and low-alcohol wine is highly aromatic.  It will tantalize your senses with the sensuous perfume of black raspberry and black cherry with slight ..
    Ex Tax: 16.00€ 16.00€
  • Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Barbaresco DOCG will create a garnet red deluge in your wine glass. Nose:  This elegant wine will regale your senses with fruity aromas of blackberry, plum and black cherry that lie in perfect harmony with soft floral fragrances of withered petals of rose and v..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€ 31.00€
  • Barbera d’Alba Marun Matteo Correggia
    Correggia Marun is a Barbera d'Alba vinified in purity with Barbera grapes from Roero area. The mainly sandy soil (66% sand, 30% silt, 4% clay) enrich the already intense bouquet of this wine; harvested manually at the end of September, the Barbera grapes macerate on the skins for 6-8 days before an..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€ 26.00€
  • Barolo Arborina Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This full bodied velvety Barolo Arborina plasters your glass with a pronounced garnet red color. Nose:  This dense liquor will intoxicate your senses with the fresh and ethereal aromas of sweet rose petals and licorice along with a touch of red cherries and plum. ..
    Ex Tax: 41.00€ 41.00€
  • Barolo Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This full-bodied Corino Barolo is known for its unique brick-orange hue at the rim and blackish ruby colored elegance. Nose:  The intense aroma of Nebbiolo wine is a combination of autumn undergrowth, roses, wood-smoke, violets, and tar with the unique freshness of..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€ 29.00€
  • Barolo Giachini Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This provocative and floral noted Barolo Giachini possesses the enchanting color of dark ruby/garnet. Nose:  With this beguiling wine you are graced with minty aromatic layers along with perfumes of exotic dark fruit and spices. Mouth:  The powerful presenc..
    Ex Tax: 41.00€ 41.00€
  • Cadet Langhe Chardonnay DOC Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The piquantly sweet wine Langhe Chardonnay Cadet delights you with a straw yellow color. Nose:  The purity of this wine presents an interesting medley of aromas that include mellowing fragrances of acacia honey, golden apple and pineapple, sharpness of fruity melon..
    Ex Tax: 19.00€ 19.00€
  • Coparossa Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The vivacious Barbaresco Coparossa will swirl in your wine flute in deep ruby-red color. Nose:  The elegance of this Bruno Rocca wine displays the purity of Nebbiolo grapes. The enchanting bouquet of aromas unfold with fruity rejuvenation of red and black cherries,..
    Ex Tax: 45.00€ 45.00€
  • Fausto DOC Marina Coppi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  Refreshing Fausto DOC shines in your wine glass with the brightness of straw yellow color. Nose:  This well-structured wine of Vigne Marina Coppi welcomes you to a multi-layered aromatic experience that has freshness of citrusy aromas, sweetness of acacia, hawthorn..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Fralu Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The graceful Langhe Rosso DOC will besmear your wine glass in the passionate color of purplish deep red. Nose:  This intensely aromatic wine mesmerizes your senses with ripe fruity fragrances of blackberry, tamarind, black currant and blueberry that create a sympho..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • I Grop DOC Marina Coppi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The intensity of I Grop DOC is evident through its ruby red color. Nose:  The powerful aromatic features of this Barbera Superiore wine enthralls with pleasant notes of plum and pomegranate that creates a unique combination with sweet spices and has a soft aftertas..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Langhe Sauvignon Matteo Correggia
    Matteo Correggia Sauvignon blanc is an excepcional example of vinification in purity from the Langhe area: grown in a sandy soil (70% sand, 25% silt, 5% clay) with a very low crop density that allow only 3000 bottles per year. Sauvignon blanc grapes are harvested at the beginning of September and..
    Ex Tax: 23.00€ 23.00€
  • Lindin DOC Marina Coppi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The purity of Superiore Lindin will entrance you with its ruby red color. Nose:  This Colli Tortonesi DOC wine will enable you to enjoy a bouquet of pleasant aromas made of violet flowers and red fruits mixed with the sharp notes of sweet spices and sensual cocoa. ..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Maria Adelaide Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The richness of Nebbiolo grape can be witnessed through the deep garnet-red color of Barbaresco DOCG. Nose:  This elegant Bruno Rocca wine engulfs your senses with grand selections of inviting aromas made of black fruits such as blackberries, cherries, plums, and b..
    Ex Tax: 65.00€ 65.00€
  • Marine DOC Marina Coppi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The luminescence of Marine DOC will bemuse you with its deep straw-yellow color. Nose:  The well-rounded refreshment of autochthonous grape variety, known as Favorita, will rejuvenate you with a potpourri of fruity, floral, and herbal aromas made of appeals, peache..
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  • Rabajà Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The magnificence of the grapes from Rabajà cru can be seen in the intense radiance of this wine with deep garnet-red color. Nose:  The inviting floral scents of rosehip and violet with the revitalizing aromas of raspberry and cherry create an enticing bouquet of fr..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Roero Riserva Ròche d’Ampsèj Matteo Correggia
    Roero Riserva Roche D'Ampsej is a wonderful 100% nebbiolo grapes from Roero Area; having a bottle of this wine in your private cellar is a real privilege, because of its low production (around 6,000 bottles per year). Harvested manually from the end of September to mid october (depending on the seas..
    Ex Tax: 34.00€ 34.00€
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