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Elegance of tannic Nebbiolo displays spicy vibrancy of Barolo


Eyes:  This full-bodied Corino Barolo is known for its unique brick-orange hue at the rim and blackish ruby colored elegance.

Nose:  The intense aroma of Nebbiolo wine is a combination of autumn undergrowth, roses, wood-smoke, violets, and tar with the unique freshness of a foggy scent attached to it.

Mouth:  This wine presents itself on the palate with a slightly high acidity that smoothens over time and ultra-refined tannic quality presents itself with the hints of lemon rind and dried berry.


The elegance of Barolo is achieved through the farm of Corino Giovanni.  The handpicked nebbiolo grapes receive one week’s maceration at 25 to 30 degree Celsius.  The skin is left in contact with the must to intensify the flavor and aroma.  The malolactic fermentation takes place in steel tanks to convert tart-tasting malic acid into softer-tasting lactic acid.

The tannic wine is then transferred into the small barriques of 80% new and 20% old French oak.  It is self-fermented for almost two years into these wooden containers.

The liquor is then transferred into a steel vessel where it remains for another six months to develop a more complex character.

This beautifully structured wine is then filled in the bottle and left for another two years before it is marketed.


The Barolo wine is produced in the region of Piedmont.  The Nebbiolo grapes are collected from the vineyards situated in La Morra.  These are grown on the clay soil of a hillside facing south and south‐west.  Named after nebbia (fog) this late-ripening variety is harvested later in the year when the valley welcomes the cool autumn mornings of early to mid-October to make the wine more tannic.  The harvesting yields about 6.5 kg of production per year.


This powerful tannic wine ideally served at 14 to 18 degree Celsius will go beautifully with spicy meat dishes, heavy pasta items, or rich risottos.


Alcohol Percentage:  15% alcohol/volume

corino barollo, 100% nebbiolo

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