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The pleasing sweet aroma of Anthos Brachetto touches the palate with sensuous acidity


Eyes:  This medium-bodied Anthos Brachetto fills your glass with the deep red color of passion.

Nose:  This light-bodied and low-alcohol wine is highly aromatic.  It will tantalize your senses with the sensuous perfume of black raspberry and black cherry with slight notes of clove and tar enhanced further with the bewitching smell of dried flower and earthy tones of damp forest floors.

Mouth:  This charming wine leaves a sweet fruity flavor on your palates with soft tannins.  The plush sugary taste is balanced with bright and electric acidity.


The handpicked Brachetto grapes of Matteo Correggia farm are dried in crates for two to three months with ample air circulation.  After the evaporation of excess water the grapes with high-sugar content are crushed and left with skins, seeds, and stems in contact with the juice.  This intensifies the sensuous aroma and sweet flavor.

The liquid undergoes six to seven days of maceration in steel vats with frequent pumping over to let the juice retain light ruby color.

The wine is then transferred to large stainless steel tanks to ferment further for 20 days.

This Anthos Brachetto wine is then moved into oak barriques where it ages for eight months and after that it is bottled and marketed for sale.


This light-weighted Anthos Brachetto made from sweet Brachetto grapes is from the Piedmont region.  These are grown on the slopes of Roero near Canale on the hillside facing East and South-East and harvested during mid-September.  This area is filled with sandy soil with low percentage of silt and clay in it.  With the crop density of 4500 to 5000 vines per hectare about 10 hectoliter yields are produced per year.


Ideally served slightly chilled with fresh mint the simple taste of this wine is highly complemented with chocolate desserts, biscuits, traditional desserts, and spiced confectionery.


Alcohol Percentage:  13% alcohol/volume

anthos brachetto 100% - Matteo Correggia - Piemonte


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