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Langhe Rosso DOC: a red wine with complex blend of flavors & aromas


Eyes:  The graceful Langhe Rosso DOC will besmear your wine glass in the passionate color of purplish deep red.

Nose:  This intensely aromatic wine mesmerizes your senses with ripe fruity fragrances of blackberry, tamarind, black currant and blueberry that create a symphonious blend with the sharpness of black pepper and soft touches of fresh hay and green pepper.

Mouth:  The complex features of this warm wine impress you with its firm tannic quality that is followed by gentle fruity flavors mixed with soft notes of herbs, piquancy of cloves and passionate appeal of vanilla.


The exquisite Langhe Rosso DOC is considered to be a prized possession of the Bruno Rocca cellar. The complex features of this red wine are achieved through a flawless blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Nebbiolo (25%), Barbera (25%) grapes that are grown in different vineyards of Piedmont region. These three different types of grapes are harvested at juxtaposing intervals, depending on the time of ripening, but the fruits are always collected manually. The maceration takes place in stainless steel tanks where the juice stays in full contact with the skins and seeds for eight to 12 days in order to intensify the aromatic and color components. At the end of maceration, the fermented and blended liquor is aged in French oak barrels (60% new and 40% old) for 12 months. Achieving full maturity, the scarlet-colored wine is bottled to become your splendid companion.


The three types of grapes that are required to make this complex red wine of Bruno Rocca cellar come from different vineyards of Piedmont region. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, and Barbera grapes that are necessary to make a perfect blend of Langhe Rosso DOC are harvested at different times of the year depending upon the time of ripening. While the harvesting of Cabernet Sauvignon depends upon the climate, the Barbera grapes are generally harvested from late September to early October, and the Nebbiolo grapes are usually harvested from mid to late October. The vineyards deliver a yearly yield of about 40 hectoliter per hectare.


The complexity of this flavorsome wine pairs very well with dishes of roast duck, braised beef, braised game meats and steak and is served ideally at temperatures of 15 to 16 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage:  14% alcohol/volume

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