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Barbaresco Coparossa of Rocca purity of barrique-aged Nebbiolo wines


Eyes:  The vivacious Barbaresco Coparossa will swirl in your wine flute in deep ruby-red color.

Nose:  The elegance of this Bruno Rocca wine displays the purity of Nebbiolo grapes. The enchanting bouquet of aromas unfold with fruity rejuvenation of red and black cherries, sharpness of white pepper and pipe tobacco, a touch of bitter chocolate with the refreshing fragrance of menthol in the end.

Mouth:  The smoothness of this wine after being aged in oak barrique will sensually touch your palate with the intensity of clean fruity flavor that creates a harmonious union with its spicy piquancy and the refreshing effect of this wine lingers in your mouth for a long period of time.


The delectable qualities of Barbaresco Coparossa are generated in the cellar Bruno Rocca located in the region of Piedmont. The purity of Nebbiolo grapes that is necessary for the making of this wine are harvested manually in the month of October. The discreetly chosen grapes of flawless quality receive primary fermentation in the stainless steel tanks for a period of 20 to 25 days. In order to add smoothness and volume, the fermented liquor undergoes maturation in French oak barrique for a period of 18 months. The properly refined wine is then bottled to be presented in the market.


The suavity of Barbaresco Coparossa crafted in the winery of Bruno Rocca is derived from the purity of Nebbiolo grapes. The Pajorè Cru of Treiso and Fausoni Cru of Neive, located at 200-270 meters of altitude, deliver the superior-quality grapes necessary for the making of this wine of Piedmont region. The soil of Pajorè is composed of tuff with blue marl and the soil of Fausoni is made of sand and stones. The average yearly production of this grape variant from these two vineyards is around 40 hectoliters per hectare with the harvesting period starting in the month of October.


The luscious features of this heavenly wine is enjoyed best at 16 to 18 degree Celsius temperatures and the dishes of roasted duck, braised beef, butter poached venison with cherries and truffle oil are considered to be the ideal companions for this sumptuous refreshment.


Alcohol Percentage:  14,5% alcohol/volume

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