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Fausto DOC complex white wine from autochthonous Timorasso grape


Eyes:  Refreshing Fausto DOC shines in your wine glass with the brightness of straw yellow color.

Nose:  This well-structured wine of Vigne Marina Coppi welcomes you to a multi-layered aromatic experience that has freshness of citrusy aromas, sweetness of acacia, hawthorn blossom, pear, apple leaves, and the strong minerality of crushed stone.

Mouth:  The autochthonous Timorasso grape adds crisp acidity to its unique minerality and gifts you with an attractive persistent finish. The succulent layers of white fruit will envelop you in a rejuvenating feeling.


The smoothness of the flavorsome Fausto DOC wine is an artistry created by the Vigne Marina Coppi cellar of Piedmont region. This wine receives its crisp features from the autochthonous Timorasso grape, collected manually during the breezier morning hours to secure its original fresh aromas at the time of complete ripening. The fruits receive soft pressing after collection and raking of the must is done in cold temperatures. The slow alcoholic fermentation starts at a temperature of about 15 degree Celsius and the brewed liquor does not undergo malolactic fermentation. The wine ages for 10 months, on its lees, in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. The aromatic and structural components of the liquor get enhanced with manual batonnage during this period. The final refinement of the wine is complete with the bottle aging of at least nine months.


The grape variety Timorasso that is imperative in the processing of Fausto DOC of Vigne Marina Coppi cellar is autochthonous to the Piedmont region. The fruits are grown in the vineyards of Gabetto and Montagnina and the vineyards face an inclination of about 35% on the mid-slope at an altitude of 400 meters. The soil is rich in calcareous marl. The early-morning manual harvesting of the juicy fruits are performed at the time of full maturation in the second half of September to ensure optimum freshness.


This sharpness of this white wine is best experienced at an ideal temperature 12 degree Celsius and is partnered beautifully with risotto, creamy cheeses, white meat, truffles, structured dishes of shellfish and fish, and with the cod.


Alcohol Percentage:  14,5% alcohol/volume

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