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Bruno Rocca Barbaresco purity of Nebbiolo grape from grand selections


Eyes:  The richness of Nebbiolo grape can be witnessed through the deep garnet-red color of Barbaresco DOCG.

Nose:  This elegant Bruno Rocca wine engulfs your senses with grand selections of inviting aromas made of black fruits such as blackberries, cherries, plums, and blood orange. These passionate streaks of fruity fragrances along with floral softness of violet and rose create an appealing combination with the sharpness of spices and hints of menthol.

Mouth:  The purity of Maria Adelaide is enjoyed with its warm spirituous flavors. The succulence of black fruits along with the soothing effect of mints and the piquancy of spices leave a lingering aftertaste with the touch of cocoa.


The purity of sumptuous Barbaresco DOCG is the artful creation of the cellar Bruno Rocca located in the region of Piedmont. The flavorsome quality of this wine is acquired from the distinctive selections of Nebbiolo grape. After manual collection and careful selection of the grapes, the healthy bunches receive fermentation in stainless steel tanks for a period of 25 to 30 days. The fermented liquor then undergoes maturation in two different types of wooden vessels. At first, the wine receives aging in French oak barriques for a period of 12 months. At the end of this time, the mature wine receives further refinement while being aged in the French oak barrels for a period of 18 months.


The elegance of Barbaresco DOCG created in the winery of Bruno Rocca is derived entirely from the purity of Nebbiolo grape variety. The superior-quality Nebbiolo grapes are collected from the choicest selections of vineyards that are owned by this estate and are located in the region of Piedmont. The most precious vineyard of this estate, Rabajà, is located at altitudes of 260-315 meters and the most promising vineyard Currà is located at altitudes of 220-300 meters with both enjoying a south-west exposure. The San Cristoforo vineyard that is located in the township of Neive at altitudes of 250-370 meters enjoy a western exposure and the Marcorino vineyard located underneath Neive rests at altitudes of 230-300 meters enjoying a Southeast exposure. The soil of all these vineyards is rich in limestone and microelements such as white tufaceous marl mixed with gray-blue marl and veins of sand, ideal for Nebbiolo production. Manual harvesting takes place in mid to late October.


This luxurious wine is enjoyed best at temperatures of 16 to 18 degree Celsius and it is ideally paired with classic Italian or Piedmontese cuisines of game or red meats or with a bowl of mature cheeses.


Alcohol Percentage:  14,5% alcohol/volume

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