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Sardinia soil gives a unique taste to its wines

In Sardinia more than in other italian regions, soil composition play an important role in giving a unique taste to both red and white wines. The fruity white Vermentino is a wine to be drunk young; a particular attention in quality control, together with the richness of the granite soil and the microclimate where grapes are grown, guarantee an amazing taste with no comparisons with any other white wine Between red wine, the renowned Cannonau, with its full body structure, has became one of the most typical italian reds: a single variety wine made with a grape native of the island. A real titbid celebrated by the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio that you must try once in your life. There are different types of Cannonau, with different trait descending from the area of production; pick up more than one label from our list and compare the bottles. You won't be disappointed.

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