sicily wine deserve a taste

Sicily in not only sweet wine; red and white wine deserve a taste

Sicily has the largest land portion dedicated to vineyards in the whole country, and it's always on top for the yearly wine production. Curiously its inhabitants consume less wine than other italians. Sicily is internationally renowned for dessert wines, such as Marsala and Passito, corresponding to an outstanding percentage of the whole production; on the other side new region labels, both red and white, are also gaining respect for their efforts to produce quality wine. We suggest the Etna area as one among the most significative, with a peculiar wine production (due to soil composition and to the vineyards position on the slope of the volcano) that really deserve a taste.

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  • Arcuria Etna Bianco DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Etna Bianco DOC radiates in a translucent white color in your glass. Nose:  This medium-bodied dry wine of Sicily touches your nose with fresh notes of citrusy brightness with buoyant intense aromas of honeysuckle, brimstone, sage, and lemon ride and it ha..
    Ex Tax: 28.00€ 28.00€
  • Bianco 2014 Ottoventi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Bianco IGT will shine in your wine glass with a golden yellow luminosity with greenish reflections. Nose:  This white wine of Sicily will mesmerize you with a bouquet of reinvigorating aromas that include touches of tropical fruit, grapefruit, orange blossom an..
    Ex Tax: 14.00€ 14.00€
  • Etna Rosato DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The aromatic Etna Rosato DOC will cascade in your glass in a pale salmon pink color. Nose:  The richness of this rose wine will touch your senses with the elegant and soft aromas of red berries and peach blossom and the zest of lemon peel. Mouth:  This..
    Ex Tax: 18.00€ 18.00€
  • Etna Rosso 600 DOC Arcuria Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Etna Rosso DOC strokes the glass in intense ruby red waves. Nose:  This well-structured amazing Arcuria engulfs your senses with fruity aromas of dark wild cherries and soft perfume of grilled herbs and tar. Mouth:  The carmine richness from Sicily..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€ 31.00€
  • Grillo punto 8 IGT Ottoventi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The refreshing Grillo Punto 8 will illuminate your wine glass in bright yellow shades. Nose:  The purity of this white wine relaxes your senses with its soothing peachy and fruity aromas mixed with soft fragrances of thyme and a hint of spicy piquancy. Mouth:&nb..
    Ex Tax: 12.00€ 12.00€
  • Nerello Mascalese Ottoventi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Sicilian Nerello Mascalese unveils a ruby red colored cascade in your wine glass. Nose:  The purity of these autochthonous grapes reveals powerful floral aromas that create a unique bouquet with soft fragrances of berries and passionate overtones of cloves fill..
    Ex Tax: 28.00€ 28.00€
  • Quota 1000 Barbabecchi IGT Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The full-body Quota 1000 IGT beams with vibrant red color in your wine glass. Nose:  The barrique aging of this rich wine from the high-altitude grounds of Sicily infuses it with the intense aromas of coffee and spices that creates a perfect balance with sweet..
    Ex Tax: 60.00€ 60.00€
  • Sciba Ottoventi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The fragranced Scibà Passito will paint your wine-glass in a radiant golden yellow color with light greenish reflections. Nose:  This sweet DOC wine derived from Zibibbo grapes will revive your senses with its enlivening citrusy aromas that create a perfect harmony..
    Ex Tax: 25.00€ 25.00€
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