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Bianco: fresh white wine of Sicily with a blend of Catarratto & others


Eyes:  The Bianco IGT will shine in your wine glass with a golden yellow luminosity with greenish reflections.

Nose:  This white wine of Sicily will mesmerize you with a bouquet of reinvigorating aromas that include touches of tropical fruit, grapefruit, orange blossom and lemongrass.

Mouth:  The exquisite blend of Catarratto, Grillo and Zibibbo will gift you with long, fresh, and zesty accents of mineral that is magnificently balanced with the graceful fruity notes.


The magnificence of Bianco IGT attests to the refined quality of Ottoventi cellar. This sublime liquor is derived from the flawless and fresh blend of Catarratto, Grillo and Zibibbo grapes that are grown on the soil of Sicily region. These light-skinned grapes are harvested manually in the first decade of September and are gently pressed. The fermentation takes place at the controlled temperature of 16 to 18 degree Celsius under the influence of natural yeast. As no malolactic fermentation takes place, the fermented liquor is then aged for 12 months in stainless steel vats. With no further aging is required with barriques, the refreshing white wine is bottled at the end of this period.


The excellence of the white wine Bianco IGT is achieved through a fresh blend of Catarratto, Grillo and Zibibbo grapes that are grown in the Valderice vineyard of Sicily region. This vineyard of Ottoventi cellar is situated at an altitude of 150 meters and has a mixed type of soil. With the Guyot training system the vineyard yields about 7500 kg per hectare of production. The first 10 days of September are considered to be the best time for harvesting these light-skinned grapes.


This pristine wine is ideally served at 10 to 12 degree Celsius and is well complemented by various appetizers of raw and cooked fishes, by pasta dishes, and by main courses made of fish or white meat. Some light Asian cuisines, cheese, and fruits can also suitably be paired with this wine.


Alcohol Percentage:  13% alcohol/volume

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