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Scibà Passito DOC sweet fragranced wine of Sicily from aged Zibibbo


Eyes:  The fragranced Scibà Passito will paint your wine-glass in a radiant golden yellow color with light greenish reflections.

Nose:  This sweet DOC wine derived from Zibibbo grapes will revive your senses with its enlivening citrusy aromas that create a perfect harmony with soft fragrances of dried fruits, flowers and honey.

Mouth:  This aged wine of Sicily will leave a pleasant sweet taste on your palate that lingers with a stable and aromatic finish with the undertones of stone fruits.


The golden luminosity of refreshing Scibà Passito is a sweet gift from the Ottoventi cellar of Sicily. The brilliance of Zibibbo grapes can be justly evident through this aromatic wine. The grapes are manually picked and collected in baskets at the second week of September before undergoing careful selection. The fruits are dried in a humidity controlled cellar at a special temperature before pressing. The dried fruits undergo fermentation at 18 degree Celsius in steel tanks. As no malolactic fermentation takes place the fermented liquor then witnesses aging in stainless steel vats. The properly aged wine then receives further refinement in bottles having been matured for another one year.


The perfectly aged and sweet wine Scibà Passito is made entirely from the Zibibbo grapes that are indigenous to the Sicily region. The fruits are grown on the mixed soils of Valderice vineyard of Ottoventi cellar. The vineyard is situated at an altitude of 150 meters. With Trellis training system the yield is about 8000 kg per hectare every year and the harvesting is done on the second week of September, starting from September 10 to September 20.


The softness of this full-bodied perfumed wine is beautifully complemented by desserts, cheese with mould, blue cheese, chocolate, and cookies and is ideally served, slightly chilled, at 10 to 12 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage:  13% alcohol/volume

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