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Etna Bianco DOC Arcuria from Sicily brings fresh vibrancy & minerality


Eyes:  The Etna Bianco DOC radiates in a translucent white color in your glass.

Nose:  This medium-bodied dry wine of Sicily touches your nose with fresh notes of citrusy brightness with buoyant intense aromas of honeysuckle, brimstone, sage, and lemon ride and it has underlying tone of lovely vanilla with almond.

Mouth:  The Arcuria nudges your palate with smoothness of ground almond and vibrancy of crisp acidity. It combines fruity freshness of green apple and lemon with volcanic minerality and brings intense freshness.


The reinvigorating Etna Bianco DOC is a complex delicacy offered by the cellar Graci. The Carriccante grapes required to bring forth this smooth wine is grown in the fresh climate of Sicily. The manually harvested grapes are slowly pressed and put in the cement tanks on natural yeast for fermentation. The fermented liquor then undergoes further aging in the oak barrels while on lees. The total process takes about one year to complete. After being bottled the partially aged wine gains more maturation in another 12 months and becomes the refreshment known as Arcuria.


The amazement of Etna Bianco DOC is gifted by the Carriccante grapes, grown in the beautiful region of Sicily. Situated in the town of Castiglione di Sicilia the vineyards are on the northern slopes of Etna at 600 meters of altitude. The fresh green fruits are grown on the dark, volcanic, stony, sandy, and non-calcareous soil of neutral pH that is enriched with iron and nitrogen. With the treatment of sulfur and copper the total yield is about 6000 kg/ha at the end of a harvesting period in the last week of October.


The refreshing acidity and minerality of this wine is beautifully paired with warm fish appetizers, seafood risotto, grilled fish, steamed fish-crustaceans and is served ideally at 10 to 12 degree Celsius. It is to be left a few minutes to let the liquor breathe.


Alcohol Percentage: 13% alcohol/volume


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