Lo Sparviere

Low yield for great sparkling wines

Franciacorta is an area corresponding to the western part of Lombardy, in the Brescia district, between the Iseo and the Garda Lakes.

Here winemaking comes from the Roman period (basicly white grape varieties) and through centuries of experience, it focuses on the production of sparkling wine with traditional method (Metodo Classico) in which the effervescence is produced by a secondary fermentation in the bottle. In the heart of this area, in Monticelli Brusati there's Lo Sparviere company: over 60 hectars fields (mostly planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grape varieties), an anciant country house and a cellar, where the small production takes place.

The wines we selected age in the 16th for at least 24 months to enrich their bouquet and mousse. The meticulous quality-selection of the grapes is the key to the sensory qualities and the fine-tuned balance that are the hallmarks of Lo Sparviere wines.


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  • Brut Cuvèe n.7 Lo Sparviere franciacorta
    This is Lo Sparviere's latest release: a monovarietal Chardonnay that unites the tautness and minerality that reflect clay-limestone soils with that vibrant florality and smoothness that characterise morainic soils. Its rich fruit and tangy sapidity win immediate appreciation. Annual production arou..
    Ex Tax: 22.00€
  • Dosaggio Zero Riserva 2007 Lo Sparviere franciacorta
    Lo Sparviere Dosaggio:  mineral-edged crispiness with lingering foamy bubbles DESCRIPTION Eyes:  As pure as the gold the Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero Riserva skirts your glass with brilliant golden color. Nose:  This sprightly Zero Riserva bewitches your senses with freshening ..
    Ex Tax: 33.00€
  • Extra-Brut millesimato 2009 Lo Sparviere Franciacorta
    Brut Millesimato:  luxurious and citrusy with a dry palate DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The rich and well-balanced Brut Millesimato brightens your glass up with a dazzling straw yellow color. Nose:  This sparkling Sparviere Franciacorta teases your senses with an initial doughy impress..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€
  • MONIQUE D.O.C.G. roseè Lo Sparviere franciacorta
    Lo Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé frizzante  DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This generous and voluminous Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé fills the bottle at first with a salmon pink color, but it takes on a more coppery hue with maturity. Nose:  The earthy vinosity of this sparkling wines is we..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€
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