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Aromatic dark red Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOP is the pride of Di Sipio


Eyes:  The sleek Di Sipio Rosso dances in your glass in such a dark ruby red color that is almost impregnable.

Nose:  The intense aroma of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo titillates your senses with fruity presence of blackberry jam and plums mixed with locust beans and berries that is well balanced with the piquancy of pepper, bay leaf and tobacco.

Mouth:  The wild Riserva DOP wine creates strong yet velvety tannic sensation on the pallets that is well-matched with the sensual fruity finish that is long lasting.


The scarlet delicacy known as Riserva DOP is brought in the presence by the Di Sipio winery.  The dark Montepulciano grapes are hank-picked from the region of Abruzzo.

After de-stemming the wooden barrels get stacked with these selected berries.  The height of the structure is used in order to avoid any use of pumps or to avoid any damage to the skins.

The ideally controlled atmosphere inside the barrel brings forth the uniqueness that is maximized due to longer contact of the must with seeds, pulp and skin.  The maceration phase continues even after the end of fermentation for a several months.

After staying together for several months (near about 60 months) in stillness, when the wine loses the piquancy of its frightening acidity, the beautifully balanced red liquor is then bottled to be stepped into the market.


This enticing Riserva DOP from the collection of Di Sipio is produced in the Abruzzo region.  The dark-skinned Montepulciano grapes that give the red color to this liquor are harvested at the end of October with a moderate yield.


This velvety tannins and ever-changing flavors of it pairs neatly with spicy red meats or any type of game meats.  Served at 16 to 18 degree Celsius it also goes smoothly with traditional dishes like “pecora al cotturo” or roasted sheep.


Alcohol Percentage:  15,5% alcohol/volume

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