Musella cellar: creating Amarone through biodynamic process in Veneto

Situated gracefully amidst the panoramic green meadows, Musella winery is the jewel of Verona.  It enjoys the cool breeze of river Fibbio that meanders nearby.  Located in the rural court of 16th century the founders of Musella have transformed a stable into a refined-quality cellar that gifts you with wines of sublime status.  Ensconced peacefully within the beautiful mountains this winery also includes an accommodation sector that allows you to relax in harmony with Mother Nature.

To maintain organic quality of its products and to ensure high yields of great standard, the crops are nurtured in a biodynamic fashion.  Artistry of winemaking here involves no adjuvant or activators to allow natural and slower fermentation take place, so you can be graced with the majestic wines like Amarone Valpolicella DOC Senza Titolo or Amarone Valpolicella Riserva DOC.  The wines are aged significantly to bring you the dense flavors and aromatic compounds that is the signature of Musella wines.


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musella amarone valpolicella from veneto

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  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2010 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This elegant full-bodied Amarone Valpolicella creates a ruby red color against the surface of your wine glass. Nose:  This luxurious liquor disperses an acute note of spices on your nose mixed with sweet aromas of ripe cherries and berries with an underlying earthy..
    Ex Tax: 32.00€
  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Senza Titolo 2007 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  With the sweet note of cherry Senza Titolo paints your glass in the dark hue of ruby. Nose:  This dry scarlet Amarone Valpolicella revitalizes your senses with the freshness of forest floor and mint leaves, delightful aroma of plum and berries and a gentle touch of..
    Ex Tax: 120.00€
  • Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva DOCG 2009 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This rich Amarone Riserva delicacy pastes a warm dark red color to your wine glass. Nose:  While breathing the wine first bewitches your senses with the strong aromas of ripe fruits like cherry, plum, and blackberry; then your whole being is revived with the amorou..
    Ex Tax: 40.00€
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