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Sauvignon Blanc crafter of rich organic white wine of Trentino


Eyes:  The elegance of Sauvignon Blanc will light up your wine glass in a pale yellow to golden color that has greenish highlights sprinkled in it.

Nose:  The intense aroma of this organic wine from Trentino will amaze you with a rich bouquet of sweet floral fragrances and soft herbal notes.

Mouth:  This well-structured white wine will mellow in your mouth with luscious flavors and a complex and persistent aftertaste.


The magnificence of this organic white wine is an imperial gift from the cellar of Maso Cantanghel . The supremacy of this golden beauty is crafted in its entirety from the Sauvignon Blanc grapes that are harvested in Trentino. The fruits are manually collected in small boxes and undergo maceration with horizontal pressing for eight hours.

After the completion of this procedure must is cleansed through settling or decantation. The cleansed liquid undergoes supervised fermentation at 18 degree Celsius in steel tanks. The fermented liquor is then aged in stainless steel vats and after the completion of it the wine undergoes further refinement in bottles for three months before it is marketed.


The organic Sauvignon Blanc grapes are grown on the clayey-calcareous soils of Vigna Cantanghel vineyard that is located on the foothills of Lagorai chain in the Trentino region. The vineyard enjoys a south-eastern exposure with an annual yield of 8000 kg/ha. The harvesting of this white wine grape variety is done during the month of September.


This intensely aromatic and well-structured wine is best served a little chilled at the temperatures of 10 to 12 degree Celsius and it pairs beautifully with risotto and rich main courses. It can also be paired excellently with seafood and shellfish-based dishes.


Alcohol Percentage:  13% alcohol/volume

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