Giuseppe Sedilesu

Sedilesu winery of Sardegna: autochthonous Cannonau grape of Barbagia

The village Mamoiada has a history of rich culture from the very beginning of its origin and is located in the heart of Barbagia that is a mountainous territory of Sardegna with a beguiling panorama. The cellar Giuseppe Sedilesu rests in the center of the Mamoiada village at an average altitude of 600 meters.

The winery that was first founded by Giuseppe and his wife Grazia 36 years ago with just one hectare of land has now expanded greatly with the acquirement of 15 hectares of land. The whole venture is now managed and looked after by their three children and the rest of the family members.

In the beginning, this cellar only concentrated on the production of bulk wine, but since the year of 2000, this establishment has started bottling and labeling own Cannonau wines with the involvement of new generation into the business. Their experimentation with the flavors and the aromas of this autochthonous grape variety got accepted globally and has brought a deluge of success to the production of the wines of this cellar like Mamuthone, Gràssia and Ballu Tundu. 

The old and new vineyards of this estate are situated mainly in the Muruzzone and Garanunele areas with one garden of grapevines being 100 years old and the rest of it being three to fifteen years of age. The highly fertile soils of these vineyards are rich in phosphorus and potassium with the primary composition of decayed granite and a little presence of humus and clay.

Giuseppe and his family refrain from using any type of chemical herbicides or pesticides and follow the guidelines of organic cultivation with the use of ecologically sustainable materials and photovoltaic energy system. The biodiversity and salubrious nature of farming with traditional ploughing and absolutely no irrigation have presented the old vineyards with an average annual yield of about 30 quintals per hectare and the new vineyards with about 60 quintals per hectare of crops. The mild microclimate (warm and dry summer, rainy springtime, snowy winter) and the drastic difference in diurnal temperatures have rewarded this estate with the most succulent variety of Cannonau and Granazza grapes.

You can relish the savoring-quality of the traditional wines of this cellar while roaming the serpentine roads of the vineyards of this estate on the specially guided tours.


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