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Pas Dosé of red berries: fermentation with dégorgement


Eyes:  The astonishing brightness of Angelo Pas Dosé irradiates in crystalline golden-yellow color with nice greenish flints and sprightly effervescence.

Nose:  The inviting aromas of this delectable wine create an attractive bouquet with red berries, saffron, Winter Cherry, soothing sandalwood, spicy cinnamon, zesty lemon rinds and sweet fudges.

Mouth:  The mellowed dryness of this wine is acquired through sugarless fermentation with dégorgement and it leaves a lasting effect on your senses with earthy freshness and balanced acidity.


The delicateness of Angelo Pas Dosé is like a blissful reverie presented by the cellar Le Vigne di Alice in Veneto region. The luscious Pinot Noir grapes are necessary in making of this delectable wine. The red berries are collected manually at the second-half of September and after soft pressing the grapes undergo primary fermentation in stainless steel tanks. At the end of this process, the brewed liquor is fermented again on native yeasts. The wine stays on lees for six months while in the bottles. The dégorgement happens after 42 months with no filtration, no addition of sugars or sulphites.


The smoothness of Angelo Pas Dosé is acquired from the red berries through fermentation and dégorgement in the cellar of Le Vigne di Alice. The vineyard of this estate is located in the Veneto region resting at an altitude of 180 meters in the hillsides of Carpesica where it enjoys chilly winters and warm, breezy, dry summers. The soil of the vineyard has varying density and the perfect combination of clayey-chalky materials with the morainic surface layer from ancient Piave glacier. Harvesting of the Pinot Noir grapes happens at the second-half of September. With the Sylvoz training system the yearly yield of the farm is around 70 hectoliters per hectare.


This creamy and well-rounded wine can be paired seamlessly with caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, dishes of fish and shellfish, or with cream sauces and is best served at the temperature of 8 degree Celsius.


Alcohol Percentage: 11.50% volume
Sugar: 0
pH: 3.39
Total Acidity: 6 g/l
Pressure: 5.30 bar
Net Extract: 20.0 g/l
Free Sulfite: 20 mg/l

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