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Great blend with structure and concentration: Phineas, an incredible sparkling

This high sophisticated wine remain on it’s own yeast from the first fermentation until the delivery.Arunda Phineas is a sparkling blend of three different grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Assyrtico (a grape variety originary of Santorini Island in Greece) for a unique bouquet and flavor. For one year the Arunda Phineas ages in barriques that let its great structure and concentration grow; this process gives this wine a great aging potential: it's put on the market 9 years after disgorging, but can resist up to 20 years. Simply impressive!

Ideal service temperature: 6 – 8 ° C
Gastronomic combination recommended: yogurt, ice-cream, green apples, Bluecheese with fig chutney, duckbreast with reduced grape sauce

Analytical data

Alkohol 13,7 %Vol
Gesamtsäure 7,5 gr/l
Trockenextrakt 25,0 gr/l
Dosage 6,0 g/l

sparkling wine phineas arunda



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