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Sparkling freshness of Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé Monique paired with judicious acidity

Lo Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé frizzante 


Eyes:  This generous and voluminous Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé fills the bottle at first with a salmon pink color, but it takes on a more coppery hue with maturity.

Nose:  The earthy vinosity of this sparkling wines is well complemented by the amorous fragrance of rosewater and the pleasing aroma of red berry mixed with ethereal touch of mineral.

Mouth:  The bronze tinged Rosé lands on your palate with a bright acidity that is elegantly balanced with soft and subtle flavor of red berries.


This flawless wine of Lo Sparviere farm is obtained through Pinot Noir grapes that are handpicked and kept in small boxes.  Using Saignée process these undergo cold maceration for aqueous extraction, which intensifies color and aroma.

After achieving desired color pigments and aroma with eight to 12 hours of maceration the must is then driven by gravity to settle in stainless steel vats.  Some of the liquor undergoes cooler fermentation at 15 to 17 degree Celsius in stainless steel tanks and some of it completes malolactic fermentation in oak barrels for a few days.

The sublime blend of Sparviere Franciacorta Rosé is then bottled to be kept for another 25 months where the sparkling wine gets more voluminous and develops a smoother finish.


The delicate Pinot Noir grapes are harvested in the Lombardy region from the end of August to the first of September.  This sensitive variety is grown on predominantly silted clay soil in a town named Provaglio d’Iseo on a hillside that is facing East-West at the height of 150 to 200 meters.  The total yield is about 80 quintals per hectare per year.


This soft and bubbly wine is served at about eight degree Celsius and is matched beautifully with first courses like cold cuts full-flavored meat and mushroom dishes, rich vegetable dishes, such as parmigiana di melanzane, and main courses of meat.


Alcohol Percentage:  13% alcohol/vol

Total Acidity:  6 g/lit

pH:  3.18

Sugar:  8 g/L


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lo sparviere 100% pinot noir monique roseè

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