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Air, soil composition and grape variety for better still wines

Still Italian wine means an universe of different taste and characteristic; white or red, with various structure and bouquet, in our wine list you can taste all the peculiarity of Italian territory: air, soil composition, sun exposure and of course grape variety used, are variables that deeply characterize a wine. You can choose between blended, single grape or native grape variety wine; don't miss the opportunity to order a mixed box and taste 6 different wine from the same area or have route from the North to the South of Italy through the better known labels.

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  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2010 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This elegant full-bodied Amarone Valpolicella creates a ruby red color against the surface of your wine glass. Nose:  This luxurious liquor disperses an acute note of spices on your nose mixed with sweet aromas of ripe cherries and berries with an underlying earthy..
    Ex Tax: 32.00€ 32.00€
  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Senza Titolo 2007 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  With the sweet note of cherry Senza Titolo paints your glass in the dark hue of ruby. Nose:  This dry scarlet Amarone Valpolicella revitalizes your senses with the freshness of forest floor and mint leaves, delightful aroma of plum and berries and a gentle touch of..
    Ex Tax: 120.00€ 120.00€
  • Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva DOCG 2009 Musella
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This rich Amarone Riserva delicacy pastes a warm dark red color to your wine glass. Nose:  While breathing the wine first bewitches your senses with the strong aromas of ripe fruits like cherry, plum, and blackberry; then your whole being is revived with the amorou..
    Ex Tax: 40.00€ 40.00€
  • Anthos Brachetto 100% Matteo Correggia
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This medium-bodied Anthos Brachetto fills your glass with the deep red color of passion. Nose:  This light-bodied and low-alcohol wine is highly aromatic.  It will tantalize your senses with the sensuous perfume of black raspberry and black cherry with slight ..
    Ex Tax: 16.00€ 16.00€
  • Arcuria Etna Bianco DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Etna Bianco DOC radiates in a translucent white color in your glass. Nose:  This medium-bodied dry wine of Sicily touches your nose with fresh notes of citrusy brightness with buoyant intense aromas of honeysuckle, brimstone, sage, and lemon ride and it ha..
    Ex Tax: 28.00€ 28.00€
  • Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Barbaresco DOCG will create a garnet red deluge in your wine glass. Nose:  This elegant wine will regale your senses with fruity aromas of blackberry, plum and black cherry that lie in perfect harmony with soft floral fragrances of withered petals of rose and v..
    Ex Tax: 31.00€ 31.00€
  • Barbera d’Alba Marun Matteo Correggia
    Correggia Marun is a Barbera d'Alba vinified in purity with Barbera grapes from Roero area. The mainly sandy soil (66% sand, 30% silt, 4% clay) enrich the already intense bouquet of this wine; harvested manually at the end of September, the Barbera grapes macerate on the skins for 6-8 days before an..
    Ex Tax: 26.00€ 26.00€
  • Barolo Arborina Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This full bodied velvety Barolo Arborina plasters your glass with a pronounced garnet red color. Nose:  This dense liquor will intoxicate your senses with the fresh and ethereal aromas of sweet rose petals and licorice along with a touch of red cherries and plum. ..
    Ex Tax: 41.00€ 41.00€
  • Barolo Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This full-bodied Corino Barolo is known for its unique brick-orange hue at the rim and blackish ruby colored elegance. Nose:  The intense aroma of Nebbiolo wine is a combination of autumn undergrowth, roses, wood-smoke, violets, and tar with the unique freshness of..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€ 29.00€
  • Barolo Giachini Corino
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  This provocative and floral noted Barolo Giachini possesses the enchanting color of dark ruby/garnet. Nose:  With this beguiling wine you are graced with minty aromatic layers along with perfumes of exotic dark fruit and spices. Mouth:  The powerful presenc..
    Ex Tax: 41.00€ 41.00€
  • Bianco 2014 Ottoventi
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Bianco IGT will shine in your wine glass with a golden yellow luminosity with greenish reflections. Nose:  This white wine of Sicily will mesmerize you with a bouquet of reinvigorating aromas that include touches of tropical fruit, grapefruit, orange blossom an..
    Ex Tax: 14.00€ 14.00€
  • Bianco 3 2010 Di Sipio
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The dry and subtle Di Sipio 3 showcases a pale yellow straw color against the glass. Nose:  The Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOP exudes a powerful punch of floral notes mixed with honey and zesty accents of spices. Mouth:  This intense&..
    Ex Tax: 52.00€ 52.00€
  • Cadet Langhe Chardonnay DOC Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The piquantly sweet wine Langhe Chardonnay Cadet delights you with a straw yellow color. Nose:  The purity of this wine presents an interesting medley of aromas that include mellowing fragrances of acacia honey, golden apple and pineapple, sharpness of fruity melon..
    Ex Tax: 19.00€ 19.00€
  • Canaiolo IGT Castello della Paneretta
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The purity of Canaiolo IGT is reflected through its radiant ruby red color with purplish shades. Nose:  The entrancing aromas of this Chianti wine present a lovely combination between the sweetness of red berries, dried fruits and the piquancy of cinnamon. Mouth..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Chianti classico riserva Castello della Paneretta
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The flavorsome Chianti Classico Riserva shines with the elegance of ruby red color. Nose:  This DOCG wine creates an enigmatic ambiance with its captivating bouquet made of mellowness of cherries, violet, rose, and berries, piquancy of spices, earthiness of brush a..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Radda
    Producing in Chianti Classico area means being able to make a 90% Sangiovese Chianti with something more, because of an high expectation in the final consumer. Castello di Radda has shown an absolute quality producing commitment that you'll find in your glass. Its Chianti Classico is a structured..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€ 29.00€
  • CHIANTI DOCG GranSelezione Castello di Radda
    The grapes for this Chianti Gran Selezione (Top Selection) come from a single 20 years old vineyard: 100% Sangiovese grapes for this amazing wine. The work in the vineyards and the resulting low production yield (45-50 q / ha of grapes) make this Chianti a real wine-expert pick. The 2010 vintage ..
    Ex Tax: 35.00€ 35.00€
  • Cinqueterre DOC
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The richness of Cinqueterre DOC is evident through its bright color that transcends from light gold to straw yellow with subtle golden highlights. Nose:  The intensity of the aroma of this white wine will inundate you with the lasting fragrances of soothing Mediter..
    Ex Tax: 34.00€ 34.00€
  • Cinqueterre Rosso Cinqueterre Campogrande
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The exquisite blend of Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Bonamico unveils in a ruby red color in your wine glass. Nose:  The relaxing aroma of the red wine Cinqueterre Rosso refreshes you with the pretty floral aroma of fresh lilac and rose, fruity liveliness of raspberry..
    Ex Tax: 21.00€ 21.00€
  • Coparossa Barbaresco DOCG Bruno Rocca
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The vivacious Barbaresco Coparossa will swirl in your wine flute in deep ruby-red color. Nose:  The elegance of this Bruno Rocca wine displays the purity of Nebbiolo grapes. The enchanting bouquet of aromas unfold with fruity rejuvenation of red and black cherries,..
    Ex Tax: 45.00€ 45.00€
  • Etna Rosato DOC Graci
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The aromatic Etna Rosato DOC will cascade in your glass in a pale salmon pink color. Nose:  The richness of this rose wine will touch your senses with the elegant and soft aromas of red berries and peach blossom and the zest of lemon peel. Mouth:  This..
    Ex Tax: 18.00€ 18.00€
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