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Marine DOC charismatic white wine from autochthonous Favorita grape


Eyes:  The luminescence of Marine DOC will bemuse you with its deep straw-yellow color.

Nose:  The well-rounded refreshment of autochthonous grape variety, known as Favorita, will rejuvenate you with a potpourri of fruity, floral, and herbal aromas made of appeals, peaches, rennet, and meadow grass.

Mouth:  The softness of this wine touches your palate with its well-balanced and full-flavored taste leaving a persistent finish on your senses with mild salinity.


The delightful Marine DOC is a passionate delicacy from the cellar of Vigne Marina Coppi of Piedmont region. The impressive features of this liquor are derived from the autochthonous grape variety called Favorita. The fruits are collected in crates after 10 days of reaching full ripening in order to ensure maximum concentration of sugar and aromatic compounds. The soft pressing of whole bunches takes place after manual collection during early morning hours. The must is racked at cold temperature and slow alcoholic fermentation takes place at 15 degree Celsius. The fermented liquid does not receive any malolactic processing and is poured in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to be aged on its lees for about six months. Manual batonnage throughout this period ensures maximization of its structure and fragrances. The wine receives further clarification for a time of at least six months after being bottled in July.


The creation of Marine DOC necessitates the presence of Favorita grape that is autochthonous to the Piedmont region. The fruits are grown in two different vineyards of Vigne Marina Coppi cellar. The vineyard Gabetto is located near the Castellania and the old vineyard Madonnina is located near Carezzano. The fruits witness late-harvesting at a little over-ripened state in order to increase its aromatic and sugar components.


With ideal serving temperature of 12 degree Celsius this spectacular wine is paired seamlessly with risotto, pasta dishes based on fish or shellfish, anchovies fried with Montebore. It also forms an excellent pairing with stuffed vegetables, omelette Vertis, and cheese.


Alcohol Percentage:  14,5% alcohol/volume

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