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Vigna Caselle Trentino sublime white wine with organic Gewürztraminer


Eyes:  The Vigna Caselle DOC of Trentino adds brightness to your glass with the pale yellow color that verges on golden.

Nose:  This organic wine made from Gewürztraminer grapes caresses your senses with a bouquet of powerful aromas and with the piquancy of spices.

Mouth:  This refined-quality Maso Cantanghel white wine gifts you with a well-balanced soft taste. The warmth of this well-structured wine has a touch of astringent at the end and glorifies you with a persistent finish.


This majestic white wine from the collection of the cellar Maso Cantanghel is made in its entirety from Gewürztraminer Traminer aromatico grapes. These light-skinned organic fruits are grown in the vineyards of Trentino. The over-ripened fruits are manually collected into small cases. The grapes undergo cold maceration for maximum extraction of aromatic compounds.

This process is followed by alcoholic fermentation at supervised temperature. The fermented liquor then undergoes aging in stainless steel vats for six months. After the bottling of the wine it receives further refinement for another three months before it is brought out into the market.


The Gewürztraminer grapes are grown on the high slopes of Cembra in the vineyard of Vigna Caselle that enjoys southern exposure. The vineyard is located by the river Avisio in the Trentino region. The organic grapes that this white wine is made from are grown on the clayey-porphyritic soil and are manually harvested during the month of September with a total yield of 6000 kg/ha.


This sophisticated wine is served best at low temperatures of 10 to 12 degree Celsius and can justly be paired with both aperitifs and main courses like grilled shellfishes, pasta with vegetables, risotto and young cheeses. The velvety taste of this wine also goes beautifully with Asian cuisine.


Alcohol Percentage:  13.50% alcohol/volume

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