Maso Cantanghel

Gewürztraminer & Sauvignon:  makers of Trento organic white wines

Having been able to possess three different vineyards in three separate terroir, the cellar Maso Cantanghel enjoys the diversity in the climate and soil composition.  Such distinctiveness has also added unique qualities to the wines of this cellar, as these have been crafted using yields of different vineyards.

The cellar Maso Cantanghel is ensconced within the surrounding hills of about 460 meters of height in Trento.  Such a location enables this homely cellar to enjoy the most favorable microclimate that is necessary to produce superior-quality wines through excellent sun exposure and topography.

The cellar was originally built as an Austrian fort (1868-1876) of captivating beauty and of significant historical interest on the Valsugana road that was once considered to be the only decent point of entry into the city of Trento before 1900.  In later years, the fort was modernized for the purpose of producing wines of exalting quality.

Keeping in mind the historical significance of this place and the optimum position of the cellar, winemakers Lorenzo Simoni and his son Federico took over the control of the estate in order to create organic white wines of peerless stature from Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon, the grapes of equally unparallel quality.

The founders of this cellar have always paid utmost attention towards acquiring a salubrious yield and maintaining the safety of the surrounding terrain by following the organic method of cultivation devoid of any chemical pesticides.

While taking the guided tour of the cellar you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of the nature and witness the cultivation that brings forth this magnificent collection of wines.

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  • Gewurztraminer Maso Cantanghel
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Vigna Caselle DOC of Trentino adds brightness to your glass with the pale yellow color that verges on golden. Nose:  This organic wine made from Gewürztraminer grapes caresses your senses with a bouquet of powerful aromas and with the piquancy of spices. Mou..
    Ex Tax: 21.00€
  • Pinot nero Maso Cantanghel
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Pinot Nero DOC illuminates your glass in bright and lively ruby-red color. Nose:  This elegant wine from Trentino graces you with the soft notes of raspberry and redcurrant. It transfixes you with the spicy aroma and veiled notes of floral, mineral, and smoky f..
    Ex Tax: 29.00€
  • Sauvignon Blanc Maso Cantanghel
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The elegance of Sauvignon Blanc will light up your wine glass in a pale yellow to golden color that has greenish highlights sprinkled in it. Nose:  The intense aroma of this organic wine from Trentino will amaze you with a rich bouquet of sweet floral fragrances an..
    Ex Tax: 21.00€
  • Sotsas Cuvee Maso Cantanghel
    DESCRIPTION Eyes:  The Sotsàs Cuvée of Trentino fills the glass with a bright and clear yellow color. Nose:  This majestic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon Blanc gifts you with an elegant and complex bouquet of aromas and creates a perfect combination of soft fruitines..
    Ex Tax: 21.00€
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